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Suspension & Steering

The steering and suspension systems are used to control the balance of your vehicle.  These systems are important for safety reasons but also play a critical role in the control level of your vehicle.  By absorbing bumps smoothly the shocks and struts enable proper steering which prevents the vehicle from pulling in directions you don't want it to go.  No matter what type of suspension system your vehicle has, our professional technicians have the tools and expertise to diagnose and repair your shocks, struts and suspension problems.   

Some warning signs of suspension problems include:

 1.  Vehicle pulls up when you accelerate or front end dips when you brake
 2.  Bouncing means your shocks and struts are wearing down
 3.  Early Tire Wear
 4.  Front End will feel loose
 5.  Vibrations
 6.  Squeaking Noises 

Our Suspension and Steering Services include:

4 x 4 Suspension Air Suspension Coil Springs
CV Joints Race Car Suspensions Front End Suspension
High Performance Suspension Hub Units Inner/Outer Tire Rods
Independent Rear Suspension Leaf Spring Suspensions New Suspensions
Off Road Suspensions Power Steering Rack & Pinion
Rear Suspensions Shock Absorbers Suspension Arms
Suspension Ball Joints Suspension Bushings Suspension Install
Lift Kits Suspension Lowering Suspension Replacement
Suspension Springs Struts Suspension Tuning
Upgrades Wheel Alignment


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