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Fluid & Filter Changes

Andy's Automotive & Transmission offers a complete range of services for the filters and fluids in your vehicle.  There are seveOil Filter changeral filters in your vehicle that keep it running in top performing condition.  The oil filter keeps containments in your oil from entering the engine and disrupting it's efficient operation. 

The fuel filter prevents containments from interfering with the operation of the vehicle's carburetors or fuel injection system.  Air filters are used in the auto filter system to keep particles of dirt from damaging the engine's cylinders, pistons and piston rings.  Finally the cabin filter provides comfort to your vehicle's occupants by trapping and preventing pollen, dust, bacteria, and dangerous exhaust gases from entering the ventilation system. 

The filters in your vehicle should be checked and replaced regularly as they are a part of your vehicle's normal wear components.  Common symptoms you may experience that indicate your fluid and filters need to be replaced include poor gas mileage, hesitation when accelerating and unwanted odors. 

At Andy's Automotive & Transmission we perform and change all fluids and filters in your vehicle. That includes:

Air Filter
• Cabin Filter
• Fuel Filter
• Oil Filter
• Oil Changes

Stop by our shop today and let us take care of that quick but essential task. 

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