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Brake Service

A well maintained brake system plays an integral role in safe driving; therefore it's of utmost importance that you have your brakes inspected at the first sign of trouble.  There are 3 types of brakes:  drum, disc and anti lock.  No matter what type you have our trained technicians check every piece and detail of your brake system so you know which parts need replacing immediately or in the near future. 

Man working on brakesWarning signs of brake problems:

 1.  Whistling, squeaking or grinding noise
 2.  Have to press harder to stop
 3.  Vehicle pulls to another side when applying brakes 




If you're experiencing some of these problems don't wait until the problem gets worse or you get into an accident.  Bring your vehicle to the professionals at Andy's Automotive & Transmission for a full brake check.  

After your brakes are fixed or replaced here are some helpful tips to extend the life of them:

 √ Lower Speed
 √ Don't overload the vehicle with weight
 √ Avoid unnecessary braking
 √ Do not haul brakes while accelerating
 √ Renew brake fluid

Our Comprehensive brake services include:

ABS Repair Brake Bleeding Brake Adjustment
Brake Fluid Change Inspection Brake Kits
Brake Lines Pads & Shoes Replacement
Rotors & Drums Disc Brake Repair Front/Rear Brakes
High Performance Brakes Emergency Brake  

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